Rose Thunder, Certified Massage Therapist
Put balance back into your life

"I always can count on the most restorative experience when I see Rose. Her skill at knowing how to find those places that might need some attention is what makes her so great at her work." - Brenda 

Rose loves her work here; she has a gift. I experienced it first hand today. I am enjoying the benefits of her massage: a sensation of feeling loose all over (instead of stiff) (know what I mean?). Really, it is a feeling I describe as feeling younger. She is also a family friend. - Betty Lou

“A massage by Rose is always a fabulous experience!”

"Rose is very helpful and knowledgeable about dealing with my lymphedema and also my severe neck and upper back stiffness. Very thankful to have found someone so close to home to help me."

"Rose is an amazing massage therapist and my entire experience from the massage to the conversation made it an awesome experience! I have been recommending her to everyone I know!"

"I felt very cared for and that my well being was number one in importance. Great care was taken to be sure that the problem areas were addressed. Thanks Rose!"

"Thanks Rose! I felt great after my massage! The amount of pressure was perfect. See you in a few weeks. Enjoy your day! Thanks"

"Rose, I believe God puts people in our lives for a purpose. I am truly thankful that all the stars aligned and I met you. You were so wonderful, the massage was great, and your encouragement gave me some hope that I will get pregnant. I will look forward to my next visit. Sincerely thank you,"

"Rose was absolutely wonderful. She was thorough in her questions before beginning the massage, very respectful about what I told her helps and hurts during a massage. Not once did I feel pain during the massage, which is unusual compared to other massages I've had. It was very relaxing and my muscles felt so much better afterwards. Rose is friendly and very genuine, too, which is a nice bonus with a great massage therapist. The room was calming and clean. I plan to return monthly!"


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